Supporting Graduate Faculty

We can offer 101 training to classes on iMovie, Audacity/Podcasting, WordPress, Subdomains/Domains and more. We also offer troubleshooting support for faculty in the form of in person meetings. Faculty and staff may also use our space without the need of a CDVL staff member leading as session in the form of a reservation request. 

In order to properly support the ASC Community, we do not accept request for a class training past a certain date per semester. Although, we continue to accept reservation requests with no cut off date.

The CDVL offers support to Graduate Faculty in multiple ways.

Class training requests for Fall 2019 Semester currently due by

August 19th

Click the icon above to go to our faculty support request form. There you can easily put in a request for one-on-one support, CDVL-led Classroom trainings, G-11/G-37 Room reservation requests and more.​

Unsure if your request fits into our services? Or just have a quick question?

Feel free to email us at